If you’d like to sample more of the local culture, our guides would be happy to customize a tour of the surrounding towns and points of interest. Take a step back in time  and visit the artisan, colonial towns of El Quelite or La Noria. This is also a great opportunity to experience some exiting ventures into the town of Mazatlan to enjoy the local beaches, restaurants and shopping.

El Quelite

One such gem located 25 miles northeast of Mazatlan is this colonial town that was founded in the 1800’s which Trip Advisor deems as “worth the trip”. Another such review says “the town looks like a movie set”. This friendly and quant town full of colorful houses offers boutique art and craft galleries, excellent dining, cheese shop, bakeries and historical churches. The town’s residents take pride in gardens full of lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. At times you may also catch the pageantry of local dancers in the town’s square. Be sure not to miss the Rooster Farm as well, it’s a “must do” as well.

Los Osuna Blue Agave Tour

Located in the quant town of La Noria, Los Osuna was first established in 1864 when the first family Osuna migrated from Spain. This area is famous for producing some of the countries finest 100% Blue Agave. Experience and observe the elaborate methods of production as well as tasting and learning the many nuances of fine Blue Agave Tequila.